Thursday, October 4, 2012

Have Prefold Will Diaper

A friend of mine recently gave birth to her first child and (much to my delight) has decided to cloth diaper.  She purchased Flip covers and prefolds, but found the Flips to be too large for her newborn.  The only option available locally is lil g pants, so she bought a few of these to get by until her daughter was big enough for the Flips.  However, the g pants did not accommodate her prefolds very comfortably, so she asked me to perform a conversion of sorts: She asked me to cut about 4 inches off of the prefolds and stitch the end.  This would allow the prefold to sit in the 'hammock' of the lil g pants easily and comfortably.  

I'll admit, at first, I was taken aback by the request.  Cut up your brand new prefolds?! But her reasoning made sense: the prefolds only cost $1, they are prepped, and she has them now.  Ordering premie prefolds or other inserts would take time and (once they arrived) more prepping/washing/drying/etc.  On second thought, it made perfect sense.  Prefolds are an amazingly versatile diaper.  AND, if they don't fit your needs, they are easily altered!  

So, I gladly fixed up her stash for her.  Shortening and stitching the diapers was quick and easy.  I even found a use for those extra 4 inches I cut off.  I stitched 2 together to make what can be doublers, inserts, or even mama cloth.

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