Wool Diapering 101

Wool is not only an overall great fabric choice but is also an ideal choice for cloth diapering needs. Due to a unique and effective combination of outer layers repelling water and inner layers capability to absorb 40% of its own weight before feeling wet to the touch, wool makes a wonderful diaper cover. And unlike other popular fabrics (such as PUL) wool is breathable, allowing for air exchange and therefore decreasing diaper rash and odors.  Wool also has self cleansing properties and requires laundering about once a month.

Cover options include: 

Wool Longies (or woolies)- Pants worn directly over diaper that double as a cover. Functioning as an all-in-one option, wool longies are an outfit and an effective diaper cover. Picture shown is by LayBebeLay on Etsy.

Soakers (or wool shorties)- Similar to longies, but have leg cuffs instead of pant legs. These have an elastic waist and and are pulled up over diapers.  Can be worn under outfits or as its own garment in warmer weather.  Picture shown is by LayBebeLay on Etsy.

Traditional cover (or wrap)- Can easily be worn under any outfit, these covers provide velcro or snap closure which allows them to lay flat during diaper changes. Pic Shown is Imse Vimse Bumpy Wool cover.

All of these wool covers work wonderfully with prefold, fitted, contour and flat diapers. However with prefolds, contours, and flats, a closure (pins or Snappi) is required if using longies or soakers. A traditional cover or wrap can be used if you'd prefer to tri-fold or pad fold the diapers without use of a closure.  Additionally, longies can be used as pajamas over pocket diapers to protect against leaks.

For more information on using prefolds and flats (including folding techniques) please visit: Little For Now or Green Bambino

Washing and lanolizing wool instructions are here